Congratulations to our Path of Life 30 Day Challenge Winners!

The Path of Life 30 Day Challenge was inspired by one of the Path of Life owners and health enthusiast, Scott Schmidt.  Scott thought, “we already know what happens when you eat fast food for 30 days, what would happen if you ate Path of Life for 30 days?”  Scott invited the Path of Life Team to participate and 21 Path of Life employees accepted the challenge.

The Path of Life 30 Day Challenge ran from January 11th to February 9th, 2015.  During that time, all participants followed six challenge guidelines:

30 Day Challenge GuidelinesWeight loss, fat loss, better blood work results – at the end of the 30 days, every Path of Life 30 Day Challenge Participant made improvements to their health!

POL challenge group

Five participants were recognized for their outstanding achievements during the challenge.

Path of Life 30 Day Challenge Overall Winner

Drumroll, please… congratulations to Cara!  Cara’s hard work and dedication throughout the challenge helped her achieve amazing results.  In 30 days, Cara lost 12 pounds and 7.2% body fat!


Click here to check out Cara’s participant page!

                                             Cara’s Before & After

IMG_2217  DSC_5246

IMG_2219  DSC_5248

Social Media

Congratulations Kyle!  Kyle consistently shared his journey throughout the 30 days and created quite a buzz with his creative recipes!


Click here to check out Kyle’s participant page!

                                             Kyle’s Before & After

IMG_2209  DSC_5225

Highest Body Fat Percentage Loss

Congratulations Joe!  Joe’s commitment to a healthier diet and working out consistently helped him lose 4% body fat during the 30 days!


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                                             Joe’s Before & After

IMG_2283  DSC_5236

Highest Percentage of Weight Loss

Congratulations Janelle!  Janelle lost 14 pounds during the challenge and credits her success with working out consistently, drinking more water and eating less carbs such as white rice, potatoes and bread with her meals.


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                                      Janelle’s Before & After

IMG_2203  DSC_5154

Most Improved Blood Metrics

Congratulations Danny!  Throughout the 30 days, Danny’s Total Cholesterol to HDL Ratio dropped from 4.1 to 3.6, Triglycerides went from 209 to 122, his Glucose Level decreased from 106 to 84 and his LDL went from 115 to 86!

Click here to check out Danny’s participant page!

                                         Danny’s Before & After

IMG_2249  DSC_5174

Don’t worry, the Path of Life Challenge isn’t over!  We are excited to announce that 11 participants are continuing on to complete the Path of Life 90 Day Challenge!  You can continue to track their journeys on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by following the hashtag #POLchallenge16!