Path of Life 30 Day Challenge | Cara's Day

Meet Cara, Path of Life Logistics Manager and one of our Path of Life 30 Day Challenge Participants!  Cara was also the winner of the 2016 Path of Life Challenge!


Have you ever wondered what a day of one of our Path of Life 30 Day Challenge Participants looks like?  Here’s Cara’s recap of Day 17:

4:45AM- Wake up, get dressed in my workout clothes I prepared the night before. Head to kitchen to make quick pre-workout snack.


5:15AM- Head to gym with my fiancé.

5:45AM- Get hard full-body strength training workout in with my fiancé.


7:00AM- Head to locker room where I get ready for the day and drink my post-workout shake (water & protein powder).


8:30AM- Prepare breakfast smoothie in blender at work.


10:30AM- Eat mid-morning snack.
IMG_1644 IMG_1651

1:00PM– Indulge in delicious Southwest Quinoa tacos for lunch.


3:00PM- Eat afternoon snack.


6:00PM- Prepare salmon atop a bed of Garbanzos & Lentils for dinner.


Visit Cara’s Participant Page to learn more about why she’s participating in the Challenge this year and be sure to follow everyone’s progress on social media with #POLchallenge17!