Path of Life's Allergen Control Program

Path of Life is a family owned, natural and organic food company.  Owners Jason Eckert and Scott Schmidt are both passionate about providing healthier options for families just like theirs.


Their passion is realized not only in the ingredient quality and crafted flavor of each Path of Life Product, but also in the food safety procedures in place at our production facility.

Path of Life Products are produced in an SQF Level 3 Certified Facility.  The SQF (Safe Quality Food) Program is recognized worldwide for rigorous, credible food safety management procedures.

Line Up with SQF Logo

Our food safety measures ensure that we continue to provide good, clean food for Path of Life customers – especially those managing food allergies.

QK Line Screenshot with Jason

While our SQF Certification encompasses many food safety measures, today we’re highlighting our allergen control program.  Here are three ways that the Path of Life Team ensures that no allergen cross-contact occurs in the manufacturing process:

  1. We train staff on how to handle, store and label allergens. We not only segregate allergens upon their arrival at our facility, but we also color code allergen storage containers and the tools and sampling devices used by our production team.
  2. We have dedicated production rooms for allergens. We also manage the production schedule so that employees work full production runs, preventing mid-shift changeovers.
  3. We have a validated sanitation cleaning process for all allergens. We swab the production equipment after the allergen is produced, and again after the equipment is cleaned to ensure that the allergen residues have been completely removed.

Have other questions about Path of Life Products?  We’re always here to help!  You can reach the Path of Life Team by calling (844) 248-9997 or by sending an email to!