Path of Life Products

Organic & All Natural
Frozen Quinoa Side Dishes

Full of flavor, these microwavable quinoa side dishes are ready in only 4 short minutes! Available in 6 fantastic varieties to compliment any cuisine – Asian Style, Superfood Pilaf, Southwest, Mediterranean, Quinoa & Kale, and Quinoa & Brown Rice – these side dishes are sure to be meals the whole family will love.

NEW! All Natural
Frozen Vegetable Side Dishes

Gourmet side dishes sure to elevate any meal. And the best part? These microwavable bags are ready in just 4 quick minutes!


A Path of Life Smoothie can be enjoyed any time and is the perfect complement to a healthy lifestyle.

Frozen Veggies

Picked at the peak of freshness and flavor, our Path of Life Frozen Organic Veggies are full of nutrients and ready to enjoy in just minutes.

Frozen Fruits

Sweet, tasty, and full of vitamins, our Frozen Organic Fruits are perfect for making a delicious smoothie or thawed and added to your favorite recipe. Available in 3 varieties – Blueberries, Mango, and Tropical Fruit Blend – Path of Life Frozen Organic Fruit is a staple to any healthy lifestyle!

Dark Chocolate
Covered Frozen Fruit

Packaged in convenient, 100 calorie packets, Path of Life Fruit Chocs are the perfect pick me up when you are craving a sweet treat.