Why are you participating in the Path of Life Challenge?

I’m participating in the Path of Life Challenge because I’m getting back into my workout and clean eating routine after having my baby! This challenge is the perfect thing to hold me accountable because not only will I be tracking my meals and workouts and sharing my progress on social media, but I’ll also have my co-workers to keep me motivated throughout the 30 days!

What are you looking forward to during the challenge?

I’m excited for the group workouts!

What are you expecting to be the most difficult part of the challenge?

Adding meal prep and workouts to my schedule and STICKING to the time I set to accomplish both!

What is your favorite Path of Life Product?

What is your favorite workout?

CrossFit & Running!

Tell us a fun fact about yourself!

I love running races!  I’ve completed 9 half marathons to date and a bunch of 5Ks and 8Ks!  My goal is to run my 10th Half Marathon by the end of 2017!

What was your favorite part of the challenge?

My favorite part were the group workouts!  I loved trying new classes – it forced me to step out of my comfort zone!

What was the most challenging part of the challenge?

The most challenging part was coming up with creative ways to get my three servings of Path of Life in each day!

What lifestyle change did you make during the 30 days that you'll be able to stick with?

Scheduling my workouts.  I added them to my calendar and treated them as an appointment so that I wouldn’t be able to come up with an excuse to miss any!

If you are continuing the challenge, what are your goals for the next 60 days?


Share a health statistic that improved for you over the course of the 30 days.

I lost 10 pounds, said goodbye to 4.8 inches in my waist/hips, my blood pressure improved and my glucose level dropped!  I’m really proud of all I was able to accomplish in just 30 days!